Pike Research: Electric-vehicle charging equipment to be $4 billion market

Boulder-based Pike Research predicts a $4.3 billion worldwide market for plug-in, electric-vehicle charging equipment by 2017, much of it purchased for home-based charging of vehicles, but also for out-of-home charging locations operated by state and local governments seeking to reduce fuel emissions in their regions, and by businesses needing to recharge electric-vehicle fleets. Pike’s report provides market analysis for residential, workplace, public and private charge points. It predicts more than 1.5 million charge locations will be built in the United States by 2017, and 7.7 million worldwide. In 2011, the market for such equipment was $400 million, according to the market research and consulting firm. For more, visit the company website at www.pikeresearch.com or call 303-997-7609.

One Response to Pike Research: Electric-vehicle charging equipment to be $4 billion market
  1. Bloice Davison
    January 4, 2012 | 9:55 pm

    Even with the 240 volt charging system, the miles per hour of charge on an all electric vehicle can range from 10 to 25 miles per hour of charging. That means a 250 mile trip takes at least 10 hours of charging. There is much to consider when purchasing an all electric vehicle. Home charging stations can cost up to $1200, but I have heard that tax credits can off set this cost. Too much for me to analyze. I will stick with gas.

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