Small-biz market info tucked into report

The Metro Denver Economic Development Corp., Tom Clark’s eco-devo arm of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce released its Monthly Economic Summary on Tuesday, offering the full 21-page version of the report to the public. It is a treasure trove for entrepreneurs who seek information to benefit their businesses.

For instance, one of  its reported items is this: “Bank of the West will almost double the size of its small business banking team, which currently employs 63 nationwide. Bank officials say demand for small business loans is increasing, and they plan to hire 50 new small business bankers in Denver, parts of California, Oregon Utah, and several other states.”

That’s important  to any small-business owner in Colorado because it suggests a wider access to capital that was previously unavailable and it’s information not widely reported in mainstream media.

The report has other small-business nuggets, although you have to look for them. Prepared for the Metro Denver EDC by Development Research Partners, the full report is written with a big-business orientation, documenting the latest national and Colorado macroeconomic trends and developments.

But it’s well worth the reading for even the small-business CEO who looks for opportunities in news nuggets that might have slipped  past the typical on online business reader: “Colorado’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade would receive a $9.1 million funding increase under [Gov. John Hickenlooper’s proposed 2012 state budget], and the governor’s spokespeople say the gain should provide critical support for job creation.”

If  the legislature approves the funding, several small companies across the state should be able to make a legitimate claim to some of the money, and the smart small-business CEO will begin investigating their potential now, making contacts with the appropriate government officials and determining how they might qualify for a share of the funding.

For the full report, click here.

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