PioneerHQ concept passed in Senate Bill 143

Calls for an affordable online presence for Colorado small businesses to market themselves to each other as well as consumers have been wrapped up in a bill that passed the state Senate on March 5, sponsored by Sen. Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora). Senate Bill 143, according to a write up on the website of the Colorado State Senate Majority Office, “will allow citizens to search for local businesses and provide a forum for those businesses to market their products or services.” The Colorado Local Business Database and Smartphone App would not be available to consumers or business owners until January, 2014, according to the Majority Office, and construction of the database would be at state expense. Businesses would pay $10 for a listing. already provides free listings for businesses to market themselves to each other, and the business directory is available here, at, for free to anyone who pulls it up on their computer. Businesses may upgrade their marketing efforts on the site for as little as $35 a year and as much as $300 a year for a full marketing page.

One Response to PioneerHQ concept passed in Senate Bill 143
  1. Bloice Davison
    March 8, 2012 | 7:25 am

    This is a waste of taxpayer money, as it provides a service that the private sector already offers. There is no shortage of online business directories–locally or nationally. My business is listed on at least five directories, some of which charge nothing. I find it amusing that the legislature’s intent is to help small business by undermining existing small businesses.

    Why not lower all of our taxes by the amount spent on these stupid programs,so the we can spend that money at these small businesses?

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