Founders’ Statement was created to bring small businesses across the state into an online community that helps them market themselves to each other affordably and provides them data they need to take optimal advantage of the market conditions they face in Colorado.

Information is still king in the 21st century, but networking has been for 20 years called the secret to small business success. Yet very few small business owners in the twenty years I have covered them as a journalist have told me they have the time to market themselves and to network the way they think they should.

Now they do. Online with a quick check of our almanac and directory every day. There they can find friends and competitors, suppliers, and future customers, and send a message to a friend or associate that might ensure a sale six months from now because of the relationship they established through this community.

My name is Robert Schwab, I am the editor of this almanac; my partners are Scott Rodgers and John Wren. You can read our biographies on the “About” page of this website, but the thing you should know about the three of us is that we share a passion for helping small businesses in Colorado, and our careers and our lives offer testimony to that passion.

We also share a belief that Colorado chambers of commerce – there are now 125 of them across the state – and local community newspapers – we count 59 currently – are our allies in an effort to help the small business owner in Colorado.

Small businesses dominate Colorado’s $259 billion economy; they include 414,663 companies with no employees, sole proprietors. Also 114,300 companies that employ less than 20 workers, plus another 13,000 that employ as many as 500. Combined, those small-business employers account for 50.2 percent of private-sector jobs in the state, a powerful economic engine that should not be ignored.

We, the founders of, believe business owners can recover fully from the recession and add mightily to a continually growing prosperity in Colorado. They can do it together by using this website as a community of their peers: helping each other, competing with each other, communicating with each other, and just getting to know each other.

We are a work in progress, and hope to see you back here tomorrow morning.

Robert Schwab Digital Marketing Engineer John Wren
Robert Schwab, Scott Rodgers, John Wren