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Word Maeven
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Denver, CO 80220

Donna Ellison is the Word Maeven: Helping you find and express your truth

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  • Changing careers?
  • Want to turn your interests into a business?

I can help you find and express your inner genius.

The most dangerous secret in the world is that every living creature has an inner spark of genius. It’s a secret because the powers that want to foster compliance and a herd mentality are threatened by problem solving individuality. So they try to keep that spark from bursting forth. It’s also a secret because once you accept your genius you will feel the pressure to develop and express it. That can be hard work and risky, even dangerous.

If you have read this far you are on the verge of admitting your own inner genius. I can help you move into your adventure. It can be as much fun as it is hard work.


  • Life Coaching.
  • Planning events that will be newsworthy enough for your press release to be published so you can get publicity for your business or organization.
  • Tutoring in writing or language development including English as a Second Language.
  • I will speak to your group on topics about being more successful or effective.
  • Courses on effectiveness.